2019 English & British Champ,

European Championships Finalist!

Peony has had a fantastic competitive run so far  in 2019! Taking a career best 3rd place in the WSL 1500 QS in Senegal; winning the English Women's national title, followed by the British Championships in Jersey; and now making it all the way to the Finals of the European Champs in Portugal!

ISA World Chamionships 2019 - Peony makes it to round 3 and takes on CT Champions Stephany Gilmore and Sally Fitsgibbons

Peony was selected to represent team GB at the ISA world champs 2019. 'I had a good run and finished 33rd in the world. I'm training hard for another go at Olympics qualification in the 2020 ISA Worlds. It was so exciting competing in the first ever Olympic quaifyer for surfing. 

Watch Peony surf in Sri Lanka

Peony surfing the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka over the winter.

Interview with Wave Wahines

Peony chats with Wave Wahines about her experience as a professional female surfer, her goals for 2019, family, and social media.